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Here are some alerts you may encounter in case something goes wrong.

The Feedback Required error is usually caused by the following;

Instagram Server error (Unable to Connect to Instagram)
Targeted account error
Performing activities too fast
Targeted Hashtags are Banned
Posting Spammy comments

The above reasons are just a few among the possible cause of this issue, however, they are the most common reasons.

Below are tips to help you overcome the action required error;

Note: These tips work differently depending on the account trust and what triggered the error

  • Pause entire account activities: If you encounter this error when you perform any function via Joliegram, then you need to pause entire account from performing any task for 24hours. Also, you’re advised not to perform any activity on the Instagram official mobile app during this period.
  • Reduce Activity Speed: When the pause period in step 1 is finally over, you should set up new activities with a lower speed. If you had been running your campaigns on the Fast speed, switch to the speed before it (Medium).
  • Run your activities with this reduced speed for at least a week.
  • Avoid running multiple tasks: To be on a safer side, it is recommended to run single activities for the first few days before and never run more than two activities for the next few weeks.
  • And when combining multiple activities, always avoid Auto Follow + Auto Unfollow at the same time. This could be risky for your account. You can combine two other activities aside these two.
  • The above suggestions are what worked for many of our users. Understanding what triggers the error is the key to solving it.

    Method 1

    Goto instagram.com and log into your account

    A notification message will immediately pop up after login in requesting for you to confirm if you tried login in elsewhere.

    First, you need to confirm your identity if requested and then click the It Was Me button on the next prompt.

    After confirming this, you can go back to joliegram.co to add your account.

    You might need to perform this up to 2-3 times to finally bypass the loop.

    Method 2

    The new update made it impossible for some users to bypass the checkpoint as it keeps bouncing back to checkpoint after confirming (It WAS ME) on Instagram.

    While we work to have this issue fixed, we have proffered a temporary solution to this below (confirmed 99% to be working);

    This method requires you to temporarily disable your Instagram account, wait for 2 hours and then add it to Joliegram.

    Note: Temporarily disabling your account does NOT have any negative impact on the account.

    Add your Instagram account takes less than two minutes and requires just few steps;

  • From the Main Menu, Click the Accounts icon 
  • Click the Add New Account button
  • Enter your Instagram Username and Password and Click the Add Account button 
  • A verification code will be sent to you.
  • Enter the verification code in the box that comes up next and click on the Save Changes button.
  • Your account should be added by now.

    Instagram Safety Tips

    Once you start using Joliegram, you have to know that you can NOT use it along with any other Instagram Automation Tool. Doing this will place your account at a great risk because we have carefully put in place safety measures to ensure you remain safe while using our service. Using other tools might conflict with our practices and you might be seen running too fast on Instagram. If you are to use any other tool for some reasons. Ensure you stop all your running activities on Joliegram before proceeding with the other service. And do the same on the other service when you’re resuming the activities.

    Ensure you have up to 10-15 published posts on Instagram before you start automation on a new Instagram account. If your Instagram account is new, to avoid complications, perform some tasks from the account on the Instagram Official Mobile App. Try to Post, Follow, Like and comment on the account via the app before adding to your Joliegram account. This will increase your Instagram trust rate.

    We always advise you start SLOWLY regardless of your account age. For old Instagram accounts, start with the Slow speed option and if your Instagram account is new, start with the Very Slow option for the first few days. You can increase your speed to Medium and Slow respectively after the first week of using our service.

    We know you want to follow and unfollow as fast as possible. It is unhealthy to perform both actions at the same time because this will only make your account look like a spam. You can choose to do auto follow for some days and build your followers. When you have enough followers, you can then use the unfollow function. It is also advisable to unfollow those who do not follow you and those followed.

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